About Me

I’m on a hiatus from this blog. If you wanna know what’s going on in my life, follow my other wordpress blog, Chocolate Makes it Better.


I’m a recent graduate from SUNY Fredonia with a bachelor’s degree in English. I’m aspiring to do anything with creative writing: from simple copy-editing, to publishing, to writing my own books. I love it all!

Originally an Education major, I am trained in teaching others to read and write. I would love an opportunity to constructively critique others as well as allow others to critique me. I am fully aware that my writing isn’t quite fantastic, yet, and I need as much feedback as I can get! I love sharing my knowledge, and will never hesitate to do so when asked.

This blog is a taste of my writing and grammar/spelling skills. Most of my work is blogging and fanfiction, but I have several original fictions and ideas to post on here. I am also digging up some before-and-after copy-editing I have done for fellow writers as well as team-writing projects I’ve done with others. Pretty much everything here, with select few exceptions, will be work I’ve done in my free time. I hope you enjoy yourself, here!

When it comes to blogging: I am, indeed, quite opinionated. But that does not mean I’m trying to offend others or that I’m severely close-minded. I’m certainly open to others giving me their perspectives to consider, if they’re given to me as politely as I offer mine. Thanks!

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