I’m Scared…

Published March 1, 2012 by Laitie

Why are people so dissatisfied with Obama? I thought any idiot would know that it’s going to take more than 4 years to fix our struggles. I thought it was common sense that it would take more than just one person (powerful as s/he may be) to raise us out of the dark. Everyone should know that you’re not going to agree with everything someone else believes. Yeah, he has the power to nudge things his way more-so than you do yours, but that’s life. He’s our president, and he needs our support whether we like him or not.

Now that elections are coming up, we can get him out of office since we all hate him so much. But honestly, I haven’t found a single thing I like any of the other candidates saying, either. Nothing. At least I liked most of what Obama had to say. But all I’m really hearing today are Republicans and their rampage against the choices you and I make in our private lives. Oh, and how everyone’s attacking and blaming each other every chance they get. Beause that’s how you fix things.

I’m scared about the upcoming elections. It’s quite apparent that everyone hates Obama. So he’s going to get voted out of office and we’ll get some jerk up there wasting our money, degrading our women, empowering the rich, and screwing everybody else over. And not even trying to fix anything. Like, healthcare. Or the job market. Education (Side note: I was floored when I recently learned that the Head of Education in DC wasn’t even a teacher or administrator. How does that make sense????).

I don’t want to live in a country run by these people. But where can I go? My family is here, my life is here. This country is about change because of public choice. But slowly, our choices are being chipped away by corrupt politicians that no longer think about other people but know how to play the system. I’m terrified for the future of my country, and I’ll be waiting for November 7, 2012 with bated breath.


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