OK, Seriously

Published March 1, 2012 by Laitie

When did we give the public and the government the right to even bother thinking about what goes on in our private lives? Sex, abortion, childbirth, LOVE, family values, etc. It’s all so ridiculous! The government has no business telling me what I am allowed or not allowed to do behind closed doors. No right to tell me what I should do with my own body. It’s a FREE COUNTRY! How is that so hard to understand? And not a single one of you people reading this has any business telling me that I can’t have an abortion if I know full and well that I would not be able to give my child a good life. This country is all about making our own choices and dealing with the consequences on our own. Why don’t we have some respect for people and their privacy, huh?

The sad part is, I think I know when we did give that permission. Society today has no shame. I was watching a youtube video about these psychic twins on Tyra’s show. Yes, there are personal things people want to ask psychics, but these people were asking about “when will we lose our virginity” and so many other personal things. On television, no less! Can’t get much more public than that! Why would you want to advertise that? We have no sense of privacy anymore. And that makes people think that they have a right to invade it.

But they don’t. I was shocked to hear about the mandated ultrasound before abortion. Floored when whats-his-face was talking about what is acceptable behavior IN THE BEDROOM. Disgusting! Not a single person in the world has any right to tell me how I have to behave in my own bedroom. That’s private, behind closed doors. End of story.

Slight diversion of topic, now…

This country was founded on freedom. I don’t care about the tiny little details of what that meant back then. It’s still freedom, and because the meaning has changed, we have to keep politics and opinions up to date.

Freedom of choice. I don’t care if you think abortion is the worst kind of murder in the world. You have no right telling someone else that they cannot do it. That person is not doing anything to anyone but herself. I think it’s sad when people don’t believe a fetus to be human enough to be valued, but that doesn’t matter. Because it’s not my decision to make. It’s hers.

Birth control is another personal opinion (not to mention it’s kind of important for treatment of several medical issues). To be perfectly honest, I am losing so much respect for the Duggars (19 Kids and Counting) because they are still going at it without any birth control; their next child is probably gonna be stillborn and I find that extremely irresponsible. But, I have no right to tell them that. I have no right to rant and rave against them because that is their choice. And I especially have no right to try and make those choices of theirs illegal to make. We have the technology, now, to enjoy sex without childbearing. And people are gonna do it anyway, creating more and more unwanted, uncared-for, unloved babies. So let’s use it! Times have changed drastically since religion was created. We have to change our outlooks to keep up. If things always remain the same forever, what good is going to come out? Good only comes from change.

You have no right telling me how to raise my child. Some laws and enforcements are great. But when you start telling me that I can’t raise my child in my religion? That it’s wrong to have him/her reciting the Ten Commandments or Four Pillars or whatever instead of playing with barbies or whatnot? No, that’s not acceptable. And you cannot tell me that you don’t know where the line that I’m talking about is drawn.

We are so absorbed in ourselves and our opinions that we feel we have to right to control everyone’s choices. We feel so superior to everyone because…I don’t even know why. Because we don’t have respect for people, anymore. When I respect someone, all my desire to run their life just doesn’t exist. If you still have that desire, you don’t respect them. You need to get your head out of your bum and realize how you only control your own life. Once you respect people, and realize that you only have say in your life, you’ll realize how much other people’s decisions just don’t matter. They just don’t. Because they don’t affect you.

Grow up. Learn respect. Keep your privacy, and keep out of others’.

And, government people, focus on the country as whole. You need to learn how you have absolutely -no- right to dictate anything in my private life.


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