Your Daily Dose of Religious Rage

Published March 30, 2012 by Laitie

I saw a picture on my personal blog that really angered me. It kinda hurt, too, because it came from a friend’s blog; a friend whom I really like and admire. But it’s not like she could have known that.


It was something about the Pope saying something stupid and the text said “coming from a guy that talks to imaginary cloud people.”

“Imaginary cloud people”? Really? What other religion gets mocked like that? And then many other reasonable people think it’s justified? Well, I’m gonna tell you something. Hold on to your hats, kids, it’s gonna blow your mind.

It is NOT justified.

Christianity is not perfect. But guess what? A lot of people still believe in it! And no spiritual belief is perfect, anyway. Isn’t that incredible? Even feminists and Democrats and plenty other people that you probably interact with and have a good time with believe in this imperfect religion. And I and many others actually believe in these “imaginary cloud people.” We have a lot of love and respect for them.

I do -not- see any other beliefs being so strongly ridiculed by people that I have a lot of respect for. This society is starting a WAR on Christianity and I do -not- think it is acceptable. When you insult Christianity, you insult me and many other respectable people. Why don’t you try having some respect?

If you wanna attack something, attack the current Republican candidates and point out the holes in their interpretations and speeches. Do NOT broaden your arguments to the whole of Christianity, because that is just as bad as racism, sexism, and all other forms of prejudice and discrimination.

I am -not- going to stand for Christian-hate anymore. The next time someone insults my religion, I’m going to flip. And it won’t be pretty.


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