Extreme Couponers

Published May 1, 2012 by Laitie

This is a short rant, but a rant nonetheless. I, like most Americans, was, at first, awed by the awesomeness of getting a -lot- of food for free with the use of coupons as shown on that TLC show. But then I sat back and thought about it.

Seriously? Alllll that fooood. For free? That’s not cool, OK? People grew that food, harvested that food, prepared that food, packaged it, transported it, and shelved it. People make a living off of getting that food to you. And you pay them back by…using tons of coupons to get it for free? So, you paid jack squat for the food that people worked so hard to get to you? That’s not cool. And far too disrespectful in my opinion.

But I guess people don’t think about that, anymore. They just think, “my family needs food and I don’t have a lot of money.” They don’t think about the people behind the food that are probably in the same predicament as you. They don’t think about “what if I were the one growing or harvesting or packaging the food?” We’re such a self-centered society these days, that getting thousands of dollars worth of food for free doesn’t seem nearly as detrimental to others as it really is. And that’s really sad.

People should work and pay for the food that they can. Only when you’re left with nothing is it OK to even think about getting anything for free. Coupons are fine, but to the point that these people go is so selfish and not OK.

The way I try to live my life is by, whenever I do anything, or anything at all happens, I try to think about all the people involved. At the grocery store: the farmers, the grocers, the truck drivers, etc. When I get an award at school: the one that brought the attention to me, the ones that decided “yeah, she’s cool, let’s do it,” the ones that helped me to be good enough for it, etc. Even when I get my hair cut. The one that’s cutting my hair is making a living off of this. He/She deserves a little more than expected because he/she is spending their life doing it for me.

I don’t expect people to always be perfect at thinking about everybody all the time. I’m merely asking to try to stop and think about it once in a while. It’s the right thing to do.


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