Stop Hating On Religious Opinions

Published May 1, 2012 by Laitie

[[An old blog post]]

I was stumbling (instead of doing final projects) and found a lot of things related to religion. It started to get me a bit frustrated; frustrated enough to write this blog (instead of doing my final paper).

In general (keyword: general), people like to think their belief is absolutely correct and awesome and the best and freeing and all that stuff. For example, stumble showed me a picture called “What Atheism Feels Like” (found: It really, really frustrated me (though the pic in and of itself is pretty cool). It’s illustrating to me (not that it’s true, just what it’s saying to me) that Atheists believe that everyone not like them is completely overtaken and blinded by their own beliefs. That the Atheist is awake to see everyone crippled and blinded by their own beliefs and the Atheist is all dreary and alone seeing the miserable, gray world for what it really is (I’m thinking about the Matrix similarities). Obviously, my interpretation might be different from yours, but this is what’s really frustrating me these days.

No one knows the absolute truth of the world. It’s impossible to know for certain. Just because you have a certain set of beliefs that you follow doesn’t mean you’re completely blinded by them. That only happens if you close off your heart and mind and become a hater. You, as a human being, have the right to choose whatever you want to believe.

Religion was initially created to give humans a set of rules to help them live a good life. Religion helps people to explain the unexplainable. Religion is a security blanket for you when your world has crumbled to pieces and you’re lost and confused. And what’s wrong with having a security blanket? Jack squat; nothing is wrong with it. You can cuddle your security blanket while still observing the world with your own eyes. Just because you need that extra support doesn’t mean you’re immature or incapable of doing anything.

I like thinking that there’s a God up there that cares about me and will help me through my hardest times. He has so far, in my opinion, too. I like thinking that I’m gonna go to heaven when I die. That there will always be someone there when I’ve got no one left.

But I don’t go around thinking that my beliefs are the best, most correct, or whatever. I don’t think about how my beliefs are “the absolute, unquestionable truths.” If you feel as alone as that picture, why not grab a security blanket, then? Or actively try to find others that think like you, at least?

Another religion thing that’s bothering me:


Like how everyone goes to war on the Bible, for example. Why? You know, there’s a whole lot in that thing that I don’t agree with, either, but that doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to bash it like everyone does (an article that I read once called “Smut for Smut” about exchanging the Bible for porn comes to mind). And, honestly, I -still- get offended because that is a very precious book in my religion. I know people that really value that book, including myself, and none of us appreciate all the crap everyone gives it. I don’t -care- how flawed it is.

And how many bashes do you see on the Koran, Torah, or other holy scripts I can’t remember the names of (my bad)? And I would never, ever, even -think- about bashing those scripts because I know they are precious to those people and I respect that. Even if I don’t agree with it or their beliefs. I have respect for people, and that denies me the feeling of self-righteousness when I insult them or those things precious to them. And this respect does, indeed, extend to non-theists, too. But anti-theists? Stop the hate. Seriously. Absolutely nothing positive comes from hate and disrespect.

In conclusion: no one knows the absolute truth, so stop being all high-and-mighty about it. Stop the hate, because it’s so beyond pointless that it’s laughable. And try having some actual respect for people.


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