Comic Books are Making Me Mad

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

I was reading my Gotham City Sirens last night because I couldn’t sleep, and I suddenly lost my temper. Every single woman looks almost-naked, posing in non-realistic positions at the exact moments that the artist chooses to draw them. Like, really, guys?

I used to be able to tell myself “Eh, it’s how they’ve always been,” and brush it off. But I really can’t, anymore. It’s driving me insane! These (fictional) women I really admire are drawn like sex objects. It’s almost a wonder they have any character at all. And don’t even make me start on Catwoman’s comics. Seriously! And it’s -so- distracting from the story!

It’s so disgusting. The only women these artists and fans see are sexy little toys. Why do we have to stare at these half-naked women all the time? You know, the story will be just as good, if not better, without the women being perfectly “beautiful.” They’ll get more readers, too. Most girls really don’t appreciate seeing women represented like that all the time. And are we so obsessed with sex, anyway? Yes, yes, it feels pretty good, I know. But there’s -so- much more to life!

I can’t think of what else to bring up. I’m just sick of reading comics that have women looking so incredibly sexy and guys can look as buff or not as they want. Not cool.


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