Here’s Your Warning, Laitie

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

This semester of school has turned me into quite the feminist. To encourage this, I follow a lot of feminist and political blogs on my personal tumblr, now. It’s great, I love it! But I think I’m starting to go too far. Let me explain why.

I’ve always tried to have an open mind. It helps that I’m pretty easy to convince, because it takes me too long to think about things, myself. But I’m seeing myself becoming more and more closed-minded.

I was chatting with a friend of mine the other day. First, we were talking about Feminism in terms of criticizing literature, because that was part of the exam we were studying for. She said she hated when we went over that. She thinks it was the most ridiculous waste of time. I thought it odd: this is school and we have to look at all areas of whatever we’re doing that we possibly can. None of it is a waste of time. But I didn’t press the matter; I just said I loved it most in terms of this class because it was the easiest and let her continue on on how ridiculous it was.

After the study session, we were discussing things again. I had to ask, so I did. “So…you’re someone who doesn’t really believe in Feminism, right?” She went on about how silly it is today and such. I immediately felt defensive, -almost- like she was attacking me or my mother personally. I wanted to attempt to chew her out (I really can’t do those things in normal-pace. It has to be slow-paced). But I’m someone that mostly keeps her mouth shut, especially when this discussion is with a friend whom I really enjoy and care about.

But the problem is that I got really upset about it. I almost stopped listening to her, too! This is unacceptable. This is the sign of your mind closing. I don’t understand why my friend can hate Feminism so much, but I should respect it, anyway. And I do. But during the conversation, not so much. I’m just glad I noticed this sign, to be honest. I will -not- become close-minded.


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