I Can’t Get into Korra

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

I don’t know what it is. The mondern-like setting, the fast pace, the pro-bending, the immediate tones of romance, something about all these just make it hard for me to get into The Legend of Korra.

I don’t know why it bothers me how much technology Avatar World has. It just does. Technology seems to take something away from the whole adventure scene. However, I could easily overlook this if not for…

The fast pace. Already, the plot started moving really quickly in the early episodes. A lot more so, in my opinion, than in The Last Airbender. It was more than an introduction to the plot, really. It was full-out moving along. It kinda ruins the excitement of what’s to come. If this is already going on, then what more is there? I suppose that’s supposed to be an area for excitement, but to me, it’s an area of “…what? …now what?” I also feel that this did not allow much time at all to get to know the characters.

I don’t know why, but I don’t like the pro-bending idea. I guess that’s just because I was never a sports fanatic; and this reminds me too much of sports. Is it an important part of the plot? I haven’t been able to see much of it because a. I was in school and b. I’m struggling to get into it. I think it’s also commercializing bending, whereas bending is a part of who you are. Using it for the sake of sport and beating others doesn’t seem right to me. Ideally, bending is supposed to bring peace between humans and the world around them. Not to be used against other humans. I understand that the show is possibly illustrating the people learning to misuse it, but it still kind of irks me a little too much. The show is giving it too much importance.

The romance starting up in, what, the first episode? That turned me off. Doesn’t matter if Makorra happens in the end or not, it’s like: these people just met each other. We just met these people. I would like a little more time to get to know them before we start pairing them off together. I understand a different age group than The Last Airbender, with hormones running wild, but it still takes more time than that to start mutual feelings/relationships. And, again, the audience member like me would appreciate more time to get to know the characters first, and TV shows are meant to cater to the audience in the end.

Everything is going so fast. And after all my personal build up and excitement for it, I’m sort of extra-disappointed. Not because it’s nothing like The Last Airbender, but because these things are making it super-hard for me to get into it. Does anyone feel similarly?


2 comments on “I Can’t Get into Korra

  • I was a huge fan of Avatar: TLA and I do agree with you on the fast pace and technology part of your point, but I’m trying not to analyze it so that I do simply enjoy it. But to defend the writers, it is a “mini-series” rather than a full blow series like TLA was. There are only twelve episodes, so the plot kind of *has* to move faster.

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