My Religion

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

Found a link to Mike AUS’ article about how studying up on evolution changed his religious views. I kinda liked where he started, then stopped liking it. But I read through it, anyway, because I realized it was going to be an important read for me to figure out my viewpoints.

I was -kinda- like how Mike was before. Ish. I didn’t really brush evolution aside or anything. I kind of consolidated the Bible and science. Evolution is what happened, but it was encouraged by God. God started everything billions (trillions?) of years ago. The Bible is a collection of stories and morals earlier humans lived by to try and make sense of life.

I kinda still see this, but the article showed my the holes in my still calling myself a Christian. First of all, I never believed in original sin, whether Adam and Eve was true or not. Sin is something you choose to do against your morals. Infants do not make choices. In the world of God and Jesus and goodness that I took from Christianity, our ancestors’ sins could not possibly track down to us. It is wrong.

All this time, I’ve avoided the issue of Jesus. Was He real? Did He die for us? Well, perhaps He really believed so. But I guess I don’t, then, considering my disagreements with the church teachings. Considering He was really killed by the Romans because He was a threat to them, and that being warped into dying for our sins is kind of sketchy. Though, at the same time, right now I feel like apologizing to God for giving up on this belief.

I suppose, with my reasoning, I should stop believing in the Holy Trinity and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Even Mary. I love Mary. I rely on her and pray to her most. But if I don’t believe in Jesus, then what makes Mary so special? Can I still think her special? I mean, if I really want to, I suppose… But it’d be wrong…

I’ve kind of slipped away from the article, now. But I guess my problems are in more than evolution. Anyways, I never actually read the Bible all the way through, though I’ve tried. Like I said, I see it as a mere story/rule book to live a decent life. And it is pretty outdated. But I saw nothing wrong with taking the things I liked and leaving those I didn’t. But then, I guess I can’t really call myself a Christian, then.

I don’t know. My religious thoughts are all confused, now. Maybe I’ll think harder about them when I have time. But in the meantime, at least I still have my morals. At least I still have my beliefs on what is right and wrong. How to treat people.


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