What Gets Me About It…

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

I’ve been watching some stuff on the Westboro Baptist Church lately. Naturally, I get frustrated with everything about them. But I haven’t seen anyone comment on one particular issue, so I’d like to address it myself.

WBC is totally using the Freedom of Speech in this country (though, of course, there’s the difference between use and abuse). But the thing is, they insult this country every chance they get.

They live here. They live here, and they’re complaining about their own home’s very basis of existence. This country is great because you -are- free to hate it, but that freedom is more for protestation against government to make it reform or rebuild. WBC isn’t marching the White House day after day. They’re picketing fellow citizens.

I’ve had friends that hated this country. Absolutely hated the country they were born in. That fed them, clothed them, sheltered them, gave them candy and toys and cell phones and security and safety and freedom. The country that gave you existence; how can you hate it so much? If you really hate it, its society, its people, then maybe we should take away all we give you. I mean, you hate us. So, how about that house? That’s on our soil. We gave it to you. That food, too, that you got from our stores. Those clothes you bought at our malls; or whose fabrics you got at our craft stores. Your electricity, because we’re the ones that get it to you. Everything. Do you still hate us that much?

I just can’t fathom it. I’ve said this twice already in different ways, but there’s a difference between hating your country and hating your government or society. I can’t fathom how you can just hate the land you were born on. And I don’t think it’s OK. Just because you don’t like the way your country is run doesn’t mean it makes sense to disrespect it and all it stands for. The -country-, the myriad of different people with different values and lives living and working in your country, gave you -everything- you have today (if you’re still living in your country). I don’t exaggerate, think about it.

I don’t care if you live in the US, North Korea, or some place equivalent to Nazi Germany. You owe that country your existence. And going around disrespecting and insulting your country in any way, shape, or form is pretty much saying, “thanks for letting me exist! And by the way, YOU STINK!” That is unacceptable.


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