Why Don’t You Savor It?

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

Y’know those people. Read Harry Potter in one day, finished the video game in six hours, etc. I’ve never fully understood those people. I wonder, “why the pride? Why is doing it so quickly such a good thing?” For a while, I felt a little upset with myself, then, because I don’t do anything quickly. I’m a slow reader, and though I love games, I’m so bad at them it’s laughable. Then I realized why I don’t understand the people that take pride in doing things so quickly.

I’m a slow reader, but that’s because I carefully read each and every word. I’m constantly self-monitoring, making sure I know exactly what the writer’s talking about. Images don’t just pop into my head, I have to think about them with the words offered.

When I play a game, I  want to experience it. I want to go all over, find everything. I want to problem solve all on my own. I feel so proud when I solve the smallest problem in a game. Especially considering how hard I would have worked at it.

With most things pertaining to entertainment, I take my time. I enjoy it. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to. Why you wouldn’t want to make sure you understand it all; why you wouldn’t want to explore and experience? Then it all just ends sooner and you’re left with so much time left of boredom. A need for more, more, more; which really wears on your own and the world’s resources. Enjoy and savor your entertainment, don’t just gobble it up so quick. Where’s the fun in that?


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