Why I Don’t Like FML

Published May 30, 2012 by Laitie

I see people use the phrase “FML” all the time. Constantly. Because they are upset or frustrated or stressing out. But from the beginning, I really did not like this phrase, and refused to use it.

“F*** my life” is a pretty intense thing to say. It’s saying that your whole life is miserable and horrible. It says that you can’t stand your life. Why would you say that, then? When there’s so much about your life that’s beautiful and wonderful? Or when there’s so many other people with lives so much worse than yours? The people I see using it, I just want to say to them: dude, you’ve made it to college. Dude, you live in upper middle class splendor. Dude, you have a job, a car, clothes, food, clean water, friends, family, health, etc.

Even when I’m struggling with depression, I still refuse to accept that this is an acceptable thing to say (in most cases). I’m struggling greatly, but I have good days. I have friends, family, and even acquaintances that care. The world is beautiful, and I’m part of it.

The vast majority of reasons I’ve seen people say “fml” really irk me. There are more important things in life than what you’re complaining about. Or better, happier things to focus on. Or there are so many people struggling so much worse than you and still truckin’, but you’re gonna sit there and say “fml”? Of course you’ve a right to get upset, to get stressed out, to be exhausted. But those are all so temporary. Fml has a much more permanent meaning. Your life is -not- that bad, so stop telling it eff off.


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