Can I Make This Clear?: I’M NOT A SALESPERSON!

Published June 21, 2012 by Laitie

Everything is sales these days. Sell, sell, sell. Sell the product. Talk the customer into giving us their money. Act like you actually care about the customer and his/her needs, then take the money. I can’t do this. I can’t sell things. I’m not persuasive. Half my brain shuts off from an overload of stress during any conversation. That’s why I signed up to be a cashier.

I can do cashier, right? Ring the customer out, be super-nice, and send the customer on his/her way. That’s all it is, right? WRONG.

I have to sell, too. I have to sell credit cards and rewards programs. I have to convince the customer that getting a credit card from my department store is worth their energy and money. I. Can’t. Do. That. No matter how hard I try, I’m just not a salesperson. And there are lots of people out there just like me. But every job I’ve come across is demanding I be a salesperson. Where are the decent jobs for people like me?

Sales in cashiering is just wrong, anyway. The customer by this point, typically, just wants to cash out and go on his/her way. Not listen to a bunch of recitations (which there are) and fill out forms and give personal information. The purpose of the register is to cash customers out. I just don’t even get it.

I’m exhausted every day from trying to wring credits and rewards out of these people that just don’t need the bother. Maybe this job wasn’t the best choice for me.


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