Let’s Learn Some Respect

Published July 2, 2012 by Laitie

Note: This is a post on my personal blog which was written as a response to the very passionate debaters on that site. It is not uncommon to see swearing and yelling at each other, and I was hoping to point out how wrong their behavior is.

Everyone is so rude. And everyone thinks it’s OK, or “I have a right to be angry and rude,” or that this behavior is acceptable. No one has any respect for each other, and that’s unacceptable. I don’t care if you’re talking to the most racist, misogynistic, biased ass hole ever, have some respect, huh? Especially considering most of the people in the world -aren’t- those racist, misogynistic, biased ass holes. Ignorant, yes. But someone’s ignorance is not a license to scream and yell and swear at the person.

Don’t give me any of that “you have to earn my respect” crap. We’re all humans. We’re all people. We’re all brothers and sisters and we all deserve each other’s respect.

I saw a picture of a sign that said “Republicans not welcome here” or something like that. The Republicans were complaining and the Liberals were cheering. That sign is -not- acceptable. It’s not “giving them a taste of their own medicine.” It’s just trying to oppress. It’s stooping to the lowest of the lowest levels. It’s assuming all Republicans are horrible and then discriminating against them. Discrimination and prejudice are never, ever acceptable; under any circumstances. I would never even consider socially dominating men just because I’m a woman and I’ve been oppressed. Because that is unacceptable. I have respect for people. That respect denies me the desire to oppress them.

I don’t care how you’re treated. If they’re polite to you or rude. Yes, you have a right to get angry. But that doesn’t mean you should. If the person is being rude, do you really think they’re going to listen to you? Winning a fight isn’t achieving anything. The person you were fighting with is still gonna be stuck in their ways, as will everyone else who has been watching. If they’re polite, but you’re rude, then you’ve just lost an opportunity. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people trying to be polite, just to get beaten on. What does that accomplish? Nothing but a lot of hard feelings.

I tagged this in a lot of controversial topics, because I’m hoping someone will actually listen to me and think about this “debating” issue in today’s world. Being polite to and having respect for everyone in my path has done nothing but good for me. Some jerks will stay jerks, and there’s nothing I can do about that; so I let it go and save myself a lot of stress. Winning a fight (if that were possible for me) may stroke my ego, but that’s all it would accomplish. Whereas some jerks are just, in fact, ignorant and willing to listen. Showing respect as I speak to them could help to open their minds.

And why don’t you try listening to them, huh? They may bring up something interesting. You don’t know where this person could have come from. What they’ve experienced. They deserve to be heard. Everyone deserves to be heard and respected. Trying to silence them with yelling and screaming and swearing is just a form of oppression; it’s not standing up for yourself or others.

Next time some Anon goes into your askbox and says something you don’t agree with, try chilling out, first. Calm down. See what they have to say. Listen. Don’t be as closed-minded as everyone else. Present your argument respectfully. Otherwise, it’s just a waste for everyone. Otherwise, you’re no better than the jerks. Everyone deserves everyone’s respect. We’re all humans. We’re all brothers and sisters. Learn some respect.


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