Ars Poetica–In Monologue Form

Published August 14, 2012 by Laitie

Writing is beautiful. Writing is hard. Writing has rules that are not followed. Writing is knowledge. Writing is escape. Writing is about being yourself.

Writing is beautiful. It comes in many forms. Poetry, prose, textbooks, computers. It shows hundreds of beautiful worlds. It shows the world the very depths of your being.

Writing is hard. It takes energy and soul. It takes work. You will find yourself exhausted after just one piece. You will spend hours upon hours to perfect it. Because it’s worth sharing your world.

Writing has rules that aren’t followed. Prepositions, commas, adjectives, questions, quotations, notations, exclamations! A writer learns these rules. Studies them to mastery. Then throws them out the window. Writing is expressing yourself.

Writing is knowledge. Knowledge of real worlds. Of imaginary worlds. Hoped-for worlds. Sharks and dragons, sorcery and chemistry, The Wild West and aliens. Everything you ever wish for.

Writing is escape. Getting lost in a world of your making. Being as grounded or not not as you wish. Writing heals. Writing what’s in your mind makes everything better.

Writing is about being yourself. Showing the page the very core of who you are. Writing anything that you want for no reason or every reason, or any reason in between. Writing is all about you.


Please critique this post! Is it a good blog post? What can I do to make it better?


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