D for Daycare Kids

Published April 4, 2013 by Laitie

Today’s posts are late because I had the morning off and spent it playing Wii with the daycare kids; I’m writing on my dinner break ’cause I’m nit hungry. My mom babysits up to four kids in our home. Two of those kids are home this week because their father is a teacher and has this week off. Because school is off, my mom has an additional kid, resulting in three for this week. Erica is in second grade, and is an excellent reader. Luke is Erica’s little brother, age two. And David is four. Luke doesn’t like playing the Wii much, but he watches. Usually. Today, he took my mom’s kindle and played with a puzzle on it. When I wasn’t watching, he accidentally bought my mom a new game! Let me tell you, she was mad.

It is a definite fact that playing video games with others is much more fun, even if they don’t like the same games as you (none of the kids like Just Dance, my favorite game evar). Also even when the other person is a young child. David loves the superhero games I have, but he’s too young to be able to do them well. So, I get very frustrated trying to help him play. But he did a few things to actually make me laugh. In the Batman game, Batman gets the ability to blow things up. I like Robin better, so David was Batman. Well, he went around just randomly blowing stuff up. It was hysterical.

Erica is very quiet and well-behaved. She told me that her parents don’t let her watch Harry Potter, but I love my Harry Potter game. So I started playing it when the kids went downstairs. A little later, I heard my mom ask “Why aren’t you watching Rachel play?” She had been waiting in the other room for me to finish the game she wasn’t allowed to watch.

I love the daycare kids so much. They’re so much fun. I’m going to be so sad if my mom retires before I move out. Though, hopefully, there shouldn’t be much of a chance of that happening.


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