G for Grandparents

Published April 7, 2013 by Laitie

My grandparents have been alive and well all through my childhood. It’s only recently when they started fading away. I lost one last month. Her husband is close to passing. And now both my other grandparents are sick. I have one more grandmother (due do divorce), but I don’t talk to her. She’s drama+ and I’m done with her crap.

My paternal grandmother passed away a few weeks ago. It was my first funeral. I didn’t think I’d cry much. Because both my paternal grandparents have been “gone.” They haven’t been themselves anymore. They weren’t the grandparents I knew. But I cried. A lot. Mostly for my dad and aunt and grandfather, but a little for myself, too.

What I didn’t like about the funeral was the “Message.” It was all about Jesus, not my grandmother. It was comforting in its way, but I thought my grandmother should have had a bigger role in her own funeral.

My paternal grandfather is struggling. Especially now with his wife gone. He refuses to eat (though that’s not new). I miss the old Grandpa.

My maternal grandparents are starting to scare me. My grandmother got sick on their way home from Florida. Fluid in her lungs and pneumonia. Now my grandfather also has pneumonia. I haven’t seen them yet, but after the death of my paternal grandmother, I’m a little extra-aware of their mortality. And I’m scared this pneumonia thing could kill them :/.


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