Obesity a Disease?

Published June 26, 2013 by Laitie

    Recently, a friend of mine made a very disturbing status on facebook. She said, “Obesity should not be considered a disease. People need to learn to get up off their lazy asses once in a damn while.” It really hurt my feelings, coming from a friend. And she apologized to me in a message, explaining that I was not fat, let alone obese, that she knew I ate healthy, and that her status was about other people. But, here’s the thing. I -am- fat. I -don’t- eat healthy. I make unhealthy decisions. So what she said really hurts.
    Now, it’s not that the entire status hurt. It’s true, obesity is not a disease in and of itself. Sometimes, it’s caused by diseases. What is actually offensive is what she said after that, and how it relates to obesity/overweight-ness. But she’s only in high school, and hasn’t learned as much about this kind of stuff as I have. So, this is a calm, educated response to her.
    Let’s start on the personal level, because this is my blog and I can start with the personal level if I want to. If you really don’t want to read this part, skip this one paragraph. I don’t eat healthy. I am very lazy. But that’s just the surface of why I’m fat. People say that you have to really wan to lose weight. Well, I have a condition that makes it ten times easier to gain weight and ten times harder to lose. So, I’ve already given up deep down. But I still tried a couple times. I tried the exercise thing. Rode three-five miles on my bike every day one summer. Didn’t lose a single pound. I tried the diet thing. I was always hungry. Food has always been my go-to. When I’m sad, when I’m lonely, when I’m bored, food is always there for me. So, I’ve basically completely given up, now. Why bother? The only time I ever lost weight was when I stopped eating. And I don’t want to stop eating again. I’m fat because I have a condition. And because I’ve lost all hope.
    Those aren’t the only reasons people in this country are overweight. It’s awful, really. People in this country don’t have much money to spare. They’re too busy buying stuff that advertisements tell them that they need to be happy. To be beautiful or handsome. To live. And all that stuff is expensive. There’s little left for healthy food. Yes, healthy food is expensive. It’s massively expensive. I can buy a burger at a fast food joint for a buck. I can make a burger at home without all that grease for five bucks. That’s five times more than the fast food joint. So, people buy the affordable, unhealthy stuff. Making those companies richer and encouraging them to keep doing what they’re doing.
    Now, let’s throw a sick person in there. This person now has no money to spend on food, because all their money is going to the medical agency.
    Food stamps. You only get so much. You can only afford so much.
    Throw in a couple kids. Need to feed them? Need to entertain them, too. And put them in daycare so you can work and actually afford anything to care for them. Working minimum wage? Ha! You’re fucked! Not a chance of a healthy diet.
    Some people are sick. Most people can’t afford a healthy diet. This society idolizes unhealthy lifestyles. From spending all sorts of money on this and that to eating unhealthy yet affordable food.
    I haven’t done much research on this topic, so if you have any more information, please leave a comment. Thank you so much for reading. Take care!


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