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About Covering Up

Published July 26, 2013 by Laitie

    I have nothing against modest people. I have nothing against people teaching their children to be modest. Although I do not agree with those religions enforcing modesty, I have nothing against those that follow those religions. What I have trouble with, is the covering up of children.
    Now, there’s nothing wrong with that in and of itself. The child wants to be covered up, the child can be covered up. The issue is what that says about what the religion/beliefs held by the parents says about men and women. At work one day, I saw two young girls–and I mean young girls. One was four and the other was two–all covered up from head to toe. It’s like, WHAT? What could possibly be sexually tantalizing about a young girl’s body? A baby’s body? Not only are the girls being denied expression and pride in themselves, it’s saying that all men are pedofiles.
    I dare to say that religions like this make people think it’s all about sex. The intention is the opposite, I know. But by covering up what you got, you’re magnifying the fact that you may got some good stuff that guys want. Now, the opposite does the same thing, too. Showing off too much also gives people the thought that it’s all about sex. I’m all for the happy medium. But anyway.
    Back to covering up children. What’s that teaching them? Covering up? It’s teaching them that thier bodies are offensive. That they’re not worthy of showing the world who they are. It’s teaching them that they’re not good enough.
    It’s teaching them that men and women are not equal. Men can wear whatever they want. Men can show thier skin. Women have to cover up everything possible. Women’s bodies are offensive. Men’s bodies aren’t. Women’s bodies make men uncomfortable. It’s all about the man. Making sure the man can handle himself. It’s about blaming women for men who can’t control themselves.
    And why are we covering babies? What’s so “offensive” about babies’ bodies? WHY do babies need to be covered up? Why? Why, why why? That’s all I want to know.