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Christian People at Your Door

Published May 13, 2017 by Laitie

So, I just had a teenage Christian converter at my door. I’m not too happy. But not so much that he wasted my time.

He asked me “Do you ever lie?” I said “no” because I suck at conversations and it was the quickest response I could give. He made a face and asked “Really?” So that shamed me into saying “Well, sometimes, haha.” Conversations in general are too quick for me to think for myself. Then he set me up to admit that I use the Lord’s name in vain. Then he went on about how it’s all sin anyway and we shouldn’t do that.

Soon after this point, I told him I had my belief in God and He was protecting me and I told him to have a nice day.

I’m not mad at him. I’m mad at his coaches. They taught him how to talk like this. How to set someone up to admit to sin so he could tell them that it’s sin and not OK. And probably go to their church to repent. No, bruh. That tactic of theirs is what’s not OK. But I didn’t get to tell him that. Not that it would have mattered.

So this is how we’re training our kids. Teaching them to pull words out of people’s mouths and use them against them.

I have my spiritual beliefs, thank you, and they’re not the same as yours. But they serve me well and I serve others well with them. So that’s all that matters. Do you sin? Well, I don’t know. Is it any of my business? Not really until you start problems for me. Even then, there’s no point in changing your beliefs. Just telling you that what you’re doing affects me negatively and isn’t OK.

I love Christianity. The things people are doing with it, I hate very much. Stop trying to convert people. Seriously. Just do good. That’s what the Bible tells you to do. Do good.