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C for Copernicus

Published April 3, 2013 by Laitie

Nicolaus Copernicus was a great astronomer and mathematician living between 1473 and 1543. He was the one who suggested that our galaxy was heliocentric. That is, revolving around the Sun. You can see how important he is to our history. But I’m not talking about that Copernicus today.

The Copernicus that I’m talking about today is taller than me, has a long nose, goes by the nickname “Copper.” Copernicus is the name of my beloved collie dog.

He was a show dog before we adopted him. That explains many things about him. His name, his obedience on a leash, and his nervousness. Yes, he was very nervous when we first brought him home. He only stayed in one corner. For months he refused to go up or down the stairs. He’s still pretty nervous, but he’s so much better, now.

He’s a very big collie. Standing on his hind legs, I believe it is safe to say that he is taller than me. His nose is level with the table. Before we got him his raised dog bowls, he started a habit of lying down to eat and drink. He still does that sometimes.

Copper is stupid and smart at the same time. I think he’s just trying to make us think he’s stupid so he can get away with stuff. You have to tell him a hundred times that he’s allowed outside sometimes. And he still hasn’t figured out that when we take him for a walk, he has to wait in the living room because that’s where we put his leash on, not by the front door. But, he’s figured out that me saying “I’m over here” means that I want him to come over so I can pet him. And he likes to sit on the couch so that he can see all the windows and doors on the ground floor.

I love my dog so much. He’s a real cuddle-bun. When he wants to cuddle with you, he’ll plop his entire form right on top of you. He likes to “pet” you back by licking you. A lot. Although I had figured out during my visit to his previous home that his father was the alpha, it’s pretty obvious that the apple fell very far from that tree. As mentioned before, he’s very nervous. And no matter what we do, there’s no chance he’ll mistake himself for the boss.

I love my dog, and will really miss him when I move out.


B for Becky

Published April 2, 2013 by Laitie

First, I would like to take a moment to thank you ALL for all the likes and comments on “A for Aaron.” I really appreciate it!

Rebecca, AKA Becky, is my big sister. She’s the middle child, older than me by 7 years. I have a little more to say about her than I had with my brother because we have one thing in common: we’re girls. That’s about where the similarities end, though.

As I said, my sister is 7 years older than me. She has a husband and two children already. I . . . am single and living with my parents. Beyond that, we don’t even have many similar interests. To be fair, though, I have unique interests relative to my whole family. More about those later in the month.

Growing up, my sister teased the heck outta me. It wasn’t until around highschool/college when I started to really respect her. I remember one time in college, though, I was getting tired of her advice so I called her a “b***h.” She ignored me for a few days. But when I apologized she forgave me, because that’s what family does. We forgive each other for screwing up. I wonder if she even remembers that?

Well, all you A-Z-ers have/had much more reading to do so I’ll end here. Thanks again for reading! Have a great day!

A for Aaron

Published April 1, 2013 by Laitie

My brother’s name is Aaron. He’s the eldest in our family. He has a wife, Rachel (which is also my name o_o), and a daughter on the way, Hannah.

I love my brother. I’ll never go around saying I don’t. But there’s definitely something missing on our relationship. We have absolutely nothing in common. And we are ten years apart.

Apparently when I was a kid I really attached myself to him. He was my favorite. I vaguely remember this. There’s this picture of us where I’m offering him some cake batter on the whisk-thinger and he’s giving me a look of death. But obviously toddler-me doesn’t care because I’m just giggling.

The hardest part of our lives was when he went to Iraq. My brother’s a Marine, and he was sent to Iraq in 2001 for a few months. We were lucky, it was only a few months and he was never sent back. My mom still keeps the letters he sent us somewhere in the house.

After Iraq, my brother joined the volunteer firefighters. I wrote an essay in school where I thought he was happier working with them.

I don’t know much about my brother. He likes beer and his man-cave. That’s about it. But I love him to death. And I wouldn’t trade him for anything.