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Flash Fiction Contest: Choose Your Motif

Published January 28, 2013 by Laitie


Motif: Water
Subgenre: Mythpunk
Setting: Train
Word Count: 827
Link to Challenge

Alone she sat in the compartment as the train rattled on through the rain. It complained at each and every turn of its wheels. A whine here, a groan there. She tired to ignore the disturbances as she tried to remember why she was there. She thought back on her last memory. Skating on the frozen late toward the mysterious spinning wheel in the center of it. She remembered the little shot of pain as she touched the needle. The feeling of the blood on her finger before the ice came up to meet her.

She shook her head, still confused. She blinked as the train came to a sudden stop. She gazed out the window, seeing that her car was right in the middle of a bridge that ran across a wide river. How, odd, she thought, that the train would stop here. She decided she should explore the train to see what was happening. Perhaps doing so would also help her remember what she was doing on there.

She made her way to the door of the compartment and opened it, looking around. It was an average passenger car, with a hallway and doors leading off of it into compartments. But a quick glance into the compartments told her she was alone in the car. She stepped over to the door and the end of the car. She opened it and stepped on to the tiny platform, grinning at the feeling of the cool rain falling upon her skin. She took the big step on to the other car’s platform, opened the door, and gasped.

Inside looked just like a rainforest. The trees sang as the rain pelted through their leaves. Critters scampered about, chattering about finding food and shelter. But everything stopped when she stepped in. The critters hid and the trees stood still despite the rain still pelting against the leaves. She wandered the forest, wondering why nothing seemed familiar. She would have remembered a rainforest inside a train! She sighed and made her way to the end of the car, opening the vine-covered door she found there. She did the same as before, opening the door and stepping from platform to platform. She didn’t even notice the rain falling upon her skin.

The next car housed a garden. Fountains littered the small area as the flowers giggled and gossiped. She grinned and stepped in to hear the flowers better. But they all fell silent as she did so. The fountains stopped spouting water, and the invisible lights that had made the car so bright dimmed. They dimmed more and more as she walked through the car, the flowers seeming to cower from her feet. She could barely see the door at the end, but she found the knob and opened it slowly.

It was still raining outside. But the raindrops began to burn as they touched her skin. She rushed to the next door, deciding she would no longer be surprised to see what was behind it.

Inside resided a group of trees encircling a pond. She approached the pond and cupped her hands in the water. It didn’t burn her hands like the rain outside had, but when she poured what she had caught in her palms into her mouth, she spit it out, tasting dirt. She began to think her mind was playing tricks on her, and she skirted the pond to the other end of the car. Again, the rain burned as she jumped over to the other platform. This was the last chance, she thought. If this car did not bring back any memories, she was going to go straight to the engine to find the engineer.

She opened the door to what looked like an elegant bedroom. In the center of the room stood a four-poster bed with the curtains drawn. The only other things in the room were a mirror on the far wall and a window on the adjacent one. She made her way to the bed and pulled back the curtain. There lay a beautiful princess with long blond hair. Her hands lay across her chest with a single flower tucked between them. But she could see that the princess was still breathing. For some reason, the sight of the sleeping princess brought her great joy. She laughed aloud and dropped the curtain. She made her way to the window and saw the body of a handsome prince drifting along the river. This also brought her great joy, and she laughed and laughed, making her way to admire her own image in the mirror.

The mirror made her memories finally come back to her. The pale woman in the mirror laughed with her at the realization. The threw back her head as she laughed, her ebony hair falling from its bun. She was the evil witch. She had put the princess to sleep for a hundred years with the spinning wheel. She had won.


New Novel: My Maria

Published December 11, 2012 by Laitie

Maria Isabella Alvarez was your average foster kid. Sweet on the outside, bitter inside.

Carson Carl Christiansen was your average good-boy. Living happily with his uncle and his girlfriend and going to school.

Sven Ivanovitch Romanov was your average bad-boy. Playing his part in his father’s gang and muscling through school.

This should be an average story of a love triangle. It should be a “who gets the princess in the end?” story. But it’s not. It’s so much more, thanks to one particular woman. A witch by the name of Delilah. The Witch of Davis Manor turns everything around, and only Maria and her chosen “prince” can make it all right again.


The Witch of Davis Manor: Prologue

Published October 10, 2012 by Laitie

Dare you pick up this book? Dare you flip through its pages, trying to deem it worthy of your interest or not? I would warn you against it. Within these pages lie the tale of The Witch of Davis Manor. It is not a tale of joy and gaiety. It has no “happily ever after.” No, it is an evil tale of misery and woe.

This is a cursed book. Once you read the first word, you will be cursed by the Witch herself. You must read it all the way through. Pass your judgment. If you do otherwise, the consequences will be dire. I have warned you. Do as you will.

Loved That Guy

Published October 8, 2012 by Laitie

Right here
Feel it
Feel it?
That’s her heartbeat
He looks away
Stands up
I don’t feel
Don’t worry, baby girl
He will


My guy
He loves me
I know he does
He may look away
from me
He may struggle
to show his love.
But he loves me

He’ll love the baby
I know he will
He just
needs to see her.
He’ll love her
And we’ll be

The perfect family


Last night
I heard a noise
in the living room
Last night
I stood up
and went in there
Last night
I saw him
on the couch

Last night
He was there
with another woman
Last night
I screamed
I yelled
Last night
I threw her out
Locked the door

He said nothing
I said nothing

We went to bed
breathing in the silence

Last night

He said nothing

I said nothing


Just left a note
to say

I love you

So much


My little girl
Is not my little girl

No, my little girl

Is my little guy.

My son is beautiful
My son is wonderful.

I love the way
he giggles
when I tickle his feet.
I love sound
of his breathing
when he sleeps.
I love how he
when the sun touches his skin.

My guy
loves our little guy.
He just
struggles to show it.
He loves him.

I  know he does.


was wonderful

was amazing

my guy
was so happy

he took me and our little guy
in his arms.
He hugged us close,
took us outside.

We danced
in the sun.
We danced,
until the rain chased us inside.

He played with our son
as I made lunch.

We had a picnic in the living room,
and laid down together.
We whispered promises to each other.

And after dinner,
he sent his friends away.
Said he needed to spend time
with his family.

Today was wonderful.


I miss him
when he goes away.

My little guy
misses him
when he goes away.

He goes for days.
Sometimes weeks.
And we sit and wait.
When he goes away.


I needed to get out.
I needed some air.
I left my mother
with the baby.

I was at the store
when I felt it.
When I knew.

I ran out of the store.
Ran down the block.
I saw my guy
In the middle of a crowd.

There was blood spilling out of his mouth
A gun in his hand.
I screamed.
I ran for home.

I burst through the door.
Ran past my mother
asleep on the floor.

I threw open the door,
saw my little guy.
There, in his crib.
Blood coming from his mouth.


Never again
will my little guy giggle
when I tickle his feet

Never again
will his breaths soothe my ears
when he sleeps.

Never again
will he sigh
when the sun touches his skin.

Never again
will my guy love me.

Never again
will my guy dance with me.

Never again
will we whisper promises to each other.

My guy.
My little guy.

I loved that guy.

Well, I Started Something

Published October 8, 2012 by Laitie

Man is the foulest creature on this Earth. With his long legs and sweaty skin. His foul feet and beastly beard. It is Mermaid’s job to dispose of any and all that invade our waters. But of his “Woman”? We know little. Merely enough to seduce Man to his doom. We’ve no opinion on Woman. What, then, would Mother say if she heard I fell in love with one?

It wasn’t long ago I met her, alone on the rocks. I approached cautiously, unsure of what to do with this Woman. She saw me and gasped. I swam away.

The next day, she was there again. This time, with a strange little box. I had to know what it was, so I came close. Closer. Closer. I was on the rock beside her. She smelled funny, and I leaned close to sniff her hair. She turned towards me suddenly, surprised by my silent approach. She lost her balance for half a second and our lips met. I gasped. She gasped, I jumped in the water and swam off.

She was missing the next day.

And the next.

It was a week before she returned with the little box. It flashed when she held it up to her face and her finger pressed the top of it. Like she had a little piece of the sun inside it and she let it show for an instant whenever she wanted.

I approached slowly, the feeling of her lips on mine still lingering on my mind. She grinned when she spotted me, then brought the box to her face again. There was the flash of sun, and I was blinded.

But only for a minute. I came closer.

“What is that?” I asked, climbing on the rock.

“A camera,” she replied. “It takes pictures.” Camera! Mother had warned us about those! My eyes widened and I started backing away. “Please don’t go!” she said desperately. “I won’t take another picture! Promise! What’s your name?”

“Name?” I asked. “I’ve no name Man can speak.”

“No? Hm. How about Marina, then?” I shrugged.

“Your name?”


A Safe Place

Published August 17, 2012 by Laitie

“We will talk about it when she brings it up, but not before,” Jerry said, deciding on the complete wrong way to deal with the situation. But it was well known that he didn’t really like the girl, anyway, so Amber decided to keep silent. Christopher, Nefertiti, and Imelda nodded obediently. The two little girls went out to play, and Chris made his way to the basement to wait for her.

It was a couple hours later, when the girls were sunbathing in the lawn and Amber had gone home, until Maria showed up. She wore jeans and a three-quarter-sleeved sweater, despite the sweltering heat of the day. “MARIA!” the girls exclaimed, running up to her. Maria grinned and greeted the girls with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. Either the girls didn’t notice a difference, or Jerry and Amber had told them not to say anything.

“Hey, girls,” Maria said with a grin. “How are you two?”

“Good!” they said in unison. “We missed you!”

Maria giggled. “I missed you, too. And Nef, your brother wants you to visit, soon.” It hurt to talk about Sven, but she did promise she’d tell his sister that he missed her.

“I’ll ask Jerry,” Nef said certainly. Despite what she heard about him, she still missed her big brother.

“Well, I have to go see Chris,” Maria said. “You two have fun.” She waved good-bye to the girls and headed inside. She ignored Jerry as she passed him in the living, and he ignored her. She went straight for the stairs, and went down into the basement. “Hey, Chris,” she said quietly. Weakly. Chris just looked over at her solid form. He stared over her ebony, curly hair and mocha skin. He didn’t know what to say to those black, begging eyes. His longing to take her in his arms and kiss those full lips wasn’t strong enough to take away the fact of what had happened. “How are you feeling?”

“Like a train wreck,” he said, a little too harshly than he intended. Maria flinched at the words.

“I’m really sorry, Chris. I—”

“Yeah? I’m sorry, too. I’m sorry I ever got involved in your shit!” Maria flinched again.

“Chris, I–”

“Just go!” He couldn’t take looking at her. Staring at the cause of his blood and bruises. The one person that made his heart race in passion. Who was she to him? She should be nobody. Jerry had made that clear enough.

Maria sighed and turned towards the stairs.

“I’m sorry, Chris,” she said softly. “If it…makes you feel any better…I left him. For good.” Now she just needed a place to spend the night. God knew where she would go. It was obvious she wasn’t going to be welcome at Chris’.

She frowned when there was no response, and headed back up the stairs. She met Jerry’s gaze before heading out. Maybe Amber would let her stay. But she barely knew her. She didn’t want to impose like that. No, she had to head back into the city. Even a dirty, smelly alley would offer some protection.

She thought back on the day’s events as she walked. The fists, the anger, the yelling, the screaming. Chris’ face before he passed out. The realization that Jerry saved Chris’ life. The realization that Sven, her Sven, was that close to actually killing him. And she had been so helpless. She couldn’t even fight off the thug holding her back. All she could do was cry and yell.

Her mind turned to the events at the Inn. Where she and Sven fought, again. Where his fists weren’t done hitting. Where she ended up cowering in the corner. Where they shared the most passionate kiss they’d ever had.

Maria shook her head. No. She couldn’t fall for him again. Again? She was still in love with him. More than anything, all she wanted right now was him. To crawl into his arms and listen to him whisper in her ear. She sighed. The smell of roasted chestnuts made her look up. She found herself in front of the steps of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

St. Patrick’s? How long had she been walking? She bit her lip before walking up the steps. Churches took in homeless people, right? At least for the night? She glanced over at the setting sun. They had to. She had nowhere else to go. She walked into the intimidating building. Thousands of candles lined the walls, emanating the scent of burning wax throughout the building that mixed with the scents of old stone and wood. There were lines after lines of pews. The alter looked miles away from her. The walls were tall, making the ceiling feel even further away than the alter. She almost got dizzy looking up at it.

“Miss?” Maria jumped at the voice. She turned to see a nun staring at her. “Do you need help, dear?”

“Uhm…yeah,” Maria said. “Can I…well…I have a lot going on.”

“Come with me,” the nun said gently. “We’ll get you something to calm your nerves. You’re in a safe place, now.”

Maria watched the nun walk away for a few minutes before following. A safe place. She almost grinned at her relief.

Spark Sentence: I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, but he’s no hero.

Published August 14, 2012 by Laitie

“I’m not saying he’s a bad guy, but he’s no hero.” Maria struggled to explain why little Nefertiti shouldn’t trust her ex-boyfriend.

“But he’s my big brother!” Nef argued.

“I know, sweetie, but…” Maria shook her head.

“You do think he’s a bad guy,” the little girl accused.

“Of course not, Nef. Well… Ugh, Nef, just don’t go back there. It’s not the place for a little girl like you.”

“You were there.”

“And I left, didn’t I? Your brother is an alright guy, but just not that trustworthy.”

“Why not?”

Should she tell her? Should she tell this little girl about all he’s done? Beat up her best friend? Multiple times? Beat her up? Coerced her into sex when she wasn’t ready? Impregnated her? No one knew that, yet. Just the Old Lady. But despite all that, she couldn’t deny her feelings for him? How much she longs for his company every now and then? No, she shouldn’t burden this little girl with all that.

“Just trust me, Nef. Don’t do it.”

“But I wanna see my big brother!”

“Nefertiti, if I hear you’ve gone to the Inn I’ll give you a spanking you’ll never forget, understand me!?”

Nef’s eyes welled up a bit. “But, but…” The look in Maria’s eyes made the girl shut up. “OK…” she said softly, looking down. Maria pat her head and led her back inside to the girl’s adopted father’s home.



“MARIA!” Sven stormed through the Inn, looking for the teenage girl that used to hang out there so often. “MARIA!” He was so mad he could hit her right into next week. Who was she to tell his sister to stay away from him!?

When he couldn’t find her at the Inn, he went out into the streets. Walking through one alley after another. He finally found her in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

“Maria!” Sven exclaimed, making a beeline for her. Maria shrank back, but didn’t run. She refused to run from him. “Maria, what’s your problem?”

“What are you talking about?” she asked, trying to sound frustrated and hide the shaking in her voice.

“You and Nef! You told her to stay away from me? The Hell is your problem!?”

“Gee, I dunno, Sven. Maybe I don’t like you beating people up!”

“I stopped hitting you, you know that! And you know I would never touch my own damn sister!”

“How do I know that!?” Maria demanded. “You said you loved me! But all you did was take advantage of me! I was your punching bag and sex doll! You beat up any guy that came anywhere near me! That’s not OK, Sven! I won’t let you do it anymore!”

“You bitch! You know I loved you! I still do! Do you know how hard it is without you? You’re mine, Maria. And you always will be!”

Maria was silenced. He still loved her? Just as much as she loves him? Her heart broke. Her poor Sven. She had hurt him so badly. She shook her head, but no sense came to her. Tears began to fall from her eyes.

“I’m sorry, Sven,” she said softly. “I…miss you, too.”

She suddenly felt herself in her arms. She felt more at home in those arms than she ever felt anywhere else. She looked up at him, and they shared a long, deep kiss. As they pulled away, she looked up into his perfect blue eyes. Then sense came back to her. She had seen those eyes go hard very quickly. These hands on her back have caused her much pain. She pulled away from him. “I…I have to go,” she mumbled, then ran up the steps of the cathedral. Sven watched her go, knowing she was going to spend the night in there, but not daring to ask her to come back to the Inn. No, he had to go back alone. And, he realized, all his temper was gone. There was nothing to distract him from the sadness of losing his love.