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Laitie Was Feeling a Little Angsty on Thanksgiving

Published November 27, 2012 by Laitie

Subtitle: It Sucks Being the Youngest by Seven Years

It sucks being the youngest by so many years. I’m the youngest by seven. It sucks because your siblings are all getting married, and you’re in college without even a boyfriend. It sucks because your siblings are all having babies and all you want is one of your own, but you only have a boyfriend. You can’t help but feel like your life is dragging. That you’re getting too old to have all that they have. That you’re behind.

It sucks because your parents are old. They’re having health problems while trying to teach you how to stand on your own feet. You’re the most difficult child they’ve had, too. You’re the one that takes the longest to mature. Takes the longest to get over phases. They’re worried about you not growing up, about their own parents’ mortality, and about each other while battling their own health problems.

It sucks because you were spoiled and learned to be manipulative. Now you have to get over not having all you want and unlearn your manipulative ways in order to be a decent person.

It sucks because you have nothing in common with the rest of your family. You’re so much more into technology than anyone else, and your parents hate it. You want to ask your siblings for advice on life and growing up, but are too shy because you don’t even know them.

…And I lost my passion.